Is it becoming too difficult for you to deal with constant rejection? Do you feel like you’re not meant to live your dreams and create a lifestyle you love?

And because you are dealing with constant rejection, you might have the following excuses running through your mind allowing you to find comfort in giving up:

  • I have a family and kids and don’t have the time to do it.
  • I’m single and know it would be easier if I had a partner to support me while I follow my dreams.
  • I’m in a horrible relationship and can’t get out, so I’m stuck and blocked.
  • I have a job that requires a lot of responsibility and can’t find the time.
  • People just don’t get me.
  • Everything is going against me, so it must mean I should quit.
  • I’m not lucky, but other people are.
  • People don’t like my work.

Ahhh… I can continue to name countless of other excuses that might be popping in your head and keeping you stuck and blocked from creating a lifestyle you love. This lifestyle could include you finally getting that dream job, attracting that dream relationship, starting your own business, etc.

As I am writing this, I think back in my life and ask myself what if I gave up and gave in to rejection? Where would I be now?

In 2009, I was searching for a job, as many of you might have been during this period. In over a 6 month time frame, I applied to approximately 140 jobs, heard back from two companies, interviewed at two and had zero offers. Ouch…..

Now, that was a big blow to my ego. I remember thinking to myself how could this be? This can’t be possible, since I have a degree from UC Berkeley, have great experience, so it’s common sense that I need to get hired now! What was missing? I felt totally shattered, ashamed and embarrassed because it seemed that I wasn’t worthy of being hired in ”the land of opportunity.” During this time I was frustrated and fell down, scraped my knees, however I didn’t stay there.

When I fell down and scraped my knees, I decided it was time to look at the bright side, and to stop taking things personally. I decided to tap into the resilient person I knew how to be and get back up, despite not being sure what I was suppose to do next. And when I decided to get back up and see things differently, magically one opportunity opened, with many others to follow, which all led me to where I’m today, loving my life.

During those 6 months back in 2009, I felt almost every negative emotion one can feel, from self-doubt, to lack of confidence, to feeling not worthy and not capable. Despite what I was feeling, deep in my heart I promised myself that I was not going to let the economy and corporate America decide my future. I knew deep down in my core that I was worth it, I was capable of achieving great success and adding a ton of value to the world, so I stuck with this belief and moved forward.

One thing I learned from this experience is that you can’t let rejection define you and take away your vision for life. We all have a vision within, sometimes this vision might get shattered or put to the sidelines where it’s difficult for us to tap back into, however if we want to we can come back to it. So today, I want to share 5 tips on how you can become resilient and overcome all odds and realign with your vision.

  • Acknowledge what is happening and where the rejection or the feeling of being a failure is coming from.
  • Sit with your emotions and know that what is coming up for you is normal. Understand that you have the power to decide, if these emotions are going to paralyze you or if you will find the courage to move past what is happening.
  • Move forward and create a specific action plan for what’s next.
  • Take massive action to get to where you want to go.
  • Find the right support person/community to help you get there. Having someone hold you accountable allows you to produce faster results. Don’t let pride and shame stand in the way of getting help. I know as a Type “A” personality this was the hardest thing for me to do, get help, but it’s the best thing I have done and continue to do. Always remember, people are stronger together.

You’ve got this!

With love,


P.S. Please share with me in the comment section below one thing you would like to overcome at this point in your life to create a lifestyle you love. Also, if you are feeling even more inspired apply for your free transformational call to your right.