The thoughts you think aren’t the problem, it’s the relationship you have with your thoughts that are the problem!

Typically, when you have a negative thought you panic or feel guilty and question yourself, ‘Why am I thinking this thought? What’s wrong with me?” which in turn makes the thought bigger and stronger than it actually is.

According to research you have between 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day, where 80% of your thoughts are negative.

So, if you take this into consideration you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just how you’re wired, to think more negative thoughts.

Now, that you know this it’s time to stop beating yourself up and start training your mind to let go of negative thoughts and start entertaining thoughts that serve you.

Your mind is a muscle, so commit to training it. One way to do so is to rewire your brain with positive daily affirmations.

Recent studies have demonstrated that positive affirmations can help rewire your brain. Here are additional benefits by using positive affirmations:

  • You become aware of the negative mental chatter and are able to shift into positivity quicker.

  • You become happier and feel more energized.

  • You become more confident and courageous.

Practicing daily affirmations is like working out. If you want to tone your body or build muscle you have to commit to working out on a consistent basis!

To help reprogram your mind from thinking negative thoughts to positive thoughts I’ve created a Free 30-day affirmation guide you can download ‘Right Now’!

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