Your morning routine?

Are you hitting the snooze button in the morning?

I remember the days I use to do that.

I would snooze anywhere between 9 minutes and an hour and a half.

I had a few instance where I would accidentally hit the stop button and wake up several hours later. Upsss…

These are the days I don’t miss.

The days I wasn’t excited to get up and go because I didn’t have anything exciting to look forward to.

So, I postponed getting out of bed and once I did, I would rush through my breakfast, getting dressed, applying makeup, doing my hair. etc.

By the time I left the house I was under a lot of pressure to arrive to work on time, so I continue to rush while driving.

I was switching lanes, running yellow lights, so that I can try to get to my destination on time, which was mostly a miss.

This energy stayed with me throughout the day.

I constantly felt tense, under pressure, and stressed out.

The level of stress I started out with every morning stayed with me throughout my day and it was unbearable, however I was unaware of what was happening.

Being unaware got me to visit the ER room in 2014.

Looking back I learned a big lesson and without having this lesson I wouldn’t have made the shift to where I am at today.

It was in the ER room that I began to create a compelling future that I got excited about and with this I was able to make the shift in my morning routine.

And the following happened.

I started waking up about two hours prior to having to leave the house.

I started living in the present moment.

I took time to meditate, journal, enjoy my cup of tea, enjoy my breakfast, enjoy applying makeup, doing my hair, eating breakfast, chatting…

I walked out of the house in a peaceful manner, rather than running to my car with my shoes untied or unzipped half of the time.

I drove to my destination, without rushing and used this time to listen to podcast, enjoy the scenery, truly be in the present moment.

I walked into meetings, events, social gatherings, etc. fully present, aware, and prepared.

And with this I started showing up in this space in every aspect of my life.

I felt that I was finally in my own power and no one could take this away from me.

And it all started with an amazing start to my day, where I took the time to love myself, take care of myself, and enjoy myself.

What this meant for me is begin a healthy morning routine that included at least 10 minutes of meditation per day, 10 minutes of journaling and 5 minutes of positive self-talk created through affirmations.

What will you start doing differently for your morning routine?

With love,


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