We tend to believe that when we have more money we will be happier.

So, we find ourselves chasing after jobs that kill our soul or make business deals that aren’t fully aligned with us.

We typically do this because we fear if we don’t, we won’t be able to sustain our lifestyle or even worse we’re worried about what other people will think of us.

How many times did I hear, “Dragana, I can’t believe you quit your finance job, you had such a great career path ahead of you. You’re going to start your own business, but 1 out of 7 businesses fail.”

And the fact is that most businesses fail, and so did mine.

After I quit my finance job, I opened a meditation studio that failed because of external circumstances, but I moved on, no biggie.

Yes, I endured a mental, emotional, physical and financial loss, but that was part of my journey, something I needed to go through.

Definitely an unpleasant and uncomfortable experience at the time, but not a defining factor to quit my dreams.

I had made up my mind that I was going to live my purpose, so I moved along.

I asked the universe for guidance right after my failed attempt at opening a meditation studio and I got it.

Shortly after I teamed up with the right mentors, coaches, lawyers, etc. and a new world opened up for me.

The past several years, I have been running a business that I’m absolutely passionate about, have location, time and financial freedom.

My message for this week is for you to stop chasing money to find happiness.

According to one study, “Happiness of the Very Wealthy,” found that millionaires with a net worth of $125 million plus reported only a slightly higher average of happiness than people on average incomes, and 37% of these millionaires were in fact, less happy than the national average.

Additionally, researchers have found that above a certain point more money does not yield much more happiness. “Money matters for well-being, but with diminishing returns: the difference in happiness between people with incomes of $50,000 and $75,000 is larger, for example, than between people with incomes of $75,000 and $100,000.”

“The more we have of it, it seems, the more money wears off. Indeed, research by Nobel laureates Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton suggests that the happiness benefits of increased income diminish around $75,000–in part because increases beyond that point likely don’t exert as large an impact on people’s ability to live comfortably.”

From my experience happiness is about finding inner peace, fulfillment, and purpose.

This does include you making money and being able to enjoy your life, but without inner peace, fulfillment, and purpose no matter how much you have, what you can purchase, where you travel to, you won’t find true happiness.

It’s scary to think about making a small change in your life let alone living a wholehearted life with purpose, inner peace, and fulfillment!

I know because I’ve been there before and have survived all the emotions associated with finding purpose, inner peace, and fulfillment.

It’s been 4+ years that I’ve been on this journey and I’ve enjoyed every single moment of it, the ups and downs. Frankly, I wouldn’t change my experience for anything.

If there is a burning desire inside of you to live a wholehearted life with purpose, inner peace and fulfillment I want to talk to you! Now is the time!

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