It’s time to love the life you live, live the life you love!

You’ve been wanting to make a change, start something new or end something for so long, however still find every excuse of why you shouldn’t do it or how you don’t have the means to make it happen.

You might scroll through your social media feed admiring others and at other times judging them for their success.

Sometimes, it might feel like a war zone in your mind where you’re going back and forth if I can do this, and then no, I can’t do this. The struggle of going back and forth can feel like you’re losing your mind.

I know how this feels. I have been there before. I use to go back and forth if I can do this, to I can’t do this for years and then, I decided it was time to make a change in my life.

One of my struggles was around my self-doubt to run an online business where I can have location freedom.

Initially, when I shared this dream with others I would typically hear unsolicited advice of how I need to have an office to do this because I need to meet people in person however, this is not what I had envisioned for myself.

I wanted to work with people from all over the world, at the same time explore the world, and the people who live in it.

Deep down inside I knew an office setting didn’t cut it for me. I had sat in an office for 10 years. Being tied down to a specific location suffocated me, so I knew I couldn’t succumb to this belief system.

After much internal struggle and finally breaking through it, I’m happy to tell you that today marks my 27th month of traveling and running my business from my laptop! I have spent time in Spain, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Germany, Dubai, Greece, Lebanon, Macedonia, and Serbia so far!

And in these 27 months, I have watched my business grow, got married and have experienced different cultures, food, and history. Writing about this seems so surreal. A dream come true…

And if it wasn’t for me doing the internal work and dropping the norm of what society believed I should be doing versus what I want to do, and overcoming every fear that paralyzed my body, mind, and soul and continuing to overcome fears on a daily basis, I wouldn’t be here.

Over the years, I’ve learned that we’re conditioned a certain way and this can stop us dead in our tracks from creating a life we love.

We grow up with limiting beliefs, false stories, negative thoughts we pick up as children and teens. We are told things have to be done a certain way and we have to behave a certain way however, deep down inside we might not agree with this.

We are bullied and manipulated into believing we have to show up looking perfect in order to be loved and accepted, and this is “false”!

So, I challenge you to stop any of the negative self-talk, doubt, criticism. And if you have a dream or a wish to create something or be someone to give yourself a chance to do it.

All I’m asking of you is to give yourself a chance!

One thing that drives me and I absolutely love is supporting people to become the best version of themselves.

There is nothing more beautiful than to watch someone experience a 180-degree transformation and to live a life they love. It’s possible!

I have not only witnessed my own personal and professional transformation, however, have seen the transformation of clients I work with. When this happens the only thing I see is joy, fulfillment and a person radiating with inner peace and power.

Are you ready to transform an area of your life, overcome a challenge, open a new door or maybe shut down an old one to live a life you love? If this is a yes, keep reading.

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