You might be sitting there and coming up with all kinds of excuses of why things don’t work out for you.

At times you might catch yourself pointing fingers at others, however don’t explore how you have contributed to the madness of your situation.

I’m not dismissing the fact that life hasn’t treated you poorly at some point, and this has set up roadblocks and challenges for you. However, when you find yourself in this situation, it’s your responsibility to move past it.

Of course, it’s easier to blame others as to how and why they put you in a certain situation.

It’s easier to tell yourself that you aren’t that lucky. You might think to yourself that you have a kind heart and want the best for others and give everything you have, however don’t receive things in return.   

It’s easier to have a pity party for yourself because it’s comfortable to feel sorry for yourself than to take action and make a change. This change will require for you to take responsibility to feel good about yourself. Is that even possible to feel good about yourself?

In reality, the main reason you might be in this situation is because you were never educated otherwise.

Education doesn’t teach you how you need to show up on a daily basis and take responsibility to feel empowered, brave, courageous, happy, fulfilled.

Rather it infuses you with a million limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in some part of your life. Some of these beliefs are:

  1. If something good happens, it must mean that something bad is going to happen.
  2. I can’t believe that person treated me a certain way, and has now ruined my life.
  3. Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  4. I need to act like a lady.
  5. I’m a guy and guys don’t cry.
  6. I can’t do better than this.
  7. Rich people are unhappy.
  8. You can’t have it all. (Ariana Huffington put it best. She said, “You CAN have it all…just not all at the same time.”)
  9. I’m not good looking enough, good enough, smart enough, and the list goes on and on and on…

When are you going to give yourself permission to stop letting all of these thoughts take over and control your life?

When are you going to love yourself enough to understand that these thoughts come in the form of limiting beliefs and are there to keep you stuck and blocked? These thoughts don’t justify anything you’ve been through and won’t help you create a better future.

When are you going to make a change, take responsibility and do things differently? So, that you can show up happy, fulfilled and vibrant. Take a moment to reflect back to the young girl or boy inside of you that went for it all?

You still have that in you! Don’t forget! Today, I’m going to challenge you to tap into that lively, vibrant and courageous person you are.

And as you do this watch your life transform…

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