The holiday season is a festive time of the year. It’s the perfect time to spend it with family and friends you love and unwind from the busy year. The flip side of this is that you might run into stressful conversations at family gatherings.

Conversations in regards to your love life might come up, with questions such as, “Why can’t you find someone, (so and so) did!?” Or you might get told that you’re wasting your time pursuing a career that won’t get you anywhere. Does this sound familiar?

What I want for you this holiday season is to avoid getting triggered by the people around you, so that you can enjoy yourself.

It’s never a good idea to lose your cool and say things you don’t mean. This type of energy bottles up in negative thoughts and emotions that you carry throughout the holiday season.

So, this year I’ll challenge you to try the following when you know you’ll end up at a gathering with frustrating conversations:

  1. First and foremost show up with a calm, harmonious and peaceful inner state. The way to get to this place is by closing your eyes before you walk into a meeting or a gathering of some kind. From here bring your focus point to the inhale and exhale of your breathe. Once you sense calmness within, repeat the following affirmations several times, “I’m peaceful, I’m grounded, I’m calm.”

  2. The second thing I’ll challenge you to do is to attentively listen to the person speaking. Pause, bring your awareness to the words the other person is speaking. Observe their body language and tone of voice. Typically, when someone is speaking, we tend to formulate our response, which takes us away from being present, so train yourself to avoid doing this.

  3. Once you’ve done the above take a moment before your respond. Pause, count to five and then structure a response from here. A question you can entertain during this pause is, “Is it going to serve me to respond to this or can I just be an observer of what the person is saying?” Also, remember silence can be golden.

You’ve worked so hard this year, so you owe it to yourself to make this holiday season great!



P.S. Forward this post to a friend, family member or colleague who will benefit from this post, so they too can enjoy this holiday season. You’ve got this!