As far as I can remember, I had always known that my purpose in life has been around helping, inspiring and guiding people. In my youth, I spent countless of years trying to figure out what this could look like. I went from playing professional tennis, to acting, to working in sales, and finally ended up in finance, however for one reason or another nothing felt right. In the past, I heard from countless of people that your purpose or passion should be a hobby, so I tried many things like traveling, volunteer in LA and abroad, however nothing felt 100% right. At one point, I started to believe that you work a job you are good at, and pursue your passions on the side. This way of thinking began to change for me once I ended up in the ER room in 2014.

In the ER room is when I made a conscious decision that I was going to change my life and figure out what my purpose was. With that, I decided to listen to my intuition and trust the uncertainty that was ahead of me.

In that very moment, I didn’t know what “change my life” meant, however I knew I wanted to live differently. With this, I embarked on a year long healing and exploration process to figure out how can I combine my passions into my purpose. After 4 months of embarking on this journey, through one of my meditation sessions, I discovered that I want to open a meditation studio, so I decided to go for it.

Two weeks prior to the grand opening of Divine Meditation in West Hollywood, I ran into a ton of unexpected issues. I couldn’t open the studio due to low frequency sound that was pouring into my walls from a neighboring tenant. Being put in this tough position, I had to decide if I was going to open the studio as is or find a resolution with the parties involved, so they can adjust the music. A lot of people told me to open as is, however deep down inside I knew that this was not how I envisioned to open the studio. After four months of going back and forth with the involved parties, delaying the opening of the studio, I decided to settle and leave the space.

Not being able to open the studio, I whole-heartedly believed that I let a lot of people down. I couldn’t deliver on something people were excited about. I felt that I let myself down too!

Soon after I realized that a lot of the things that were happening were out of my control. The truth was that all I could do is take the lessons I learned for growth and self-development, so that I never put myself in the same situation again. With this, I had to learn once again how to let go, and trust the universe that everything is happening for a reason. I couldn’t see the reason at that time because I had dedicated my heart, soul, time, energy and money to creating the space.

In my heart opening a meditation studio was the right thing to do because I desperately wanted to create a home for people in West Hollywood. The home would create a community for people to find inner peace that I had found over the past 3 years, during the time I transformed my life.

Once I settled out of the studio and left the premises, I started looking for a new space, however there was a lot of resistance around this process. I decided to not fight the resistance, and to fully accept things as they are.

With this, I was open to the idea that maybe I need to change the vehicle I was driving.

What I mean by this is that deep down inside I wanted to help people find inner peace, operate from a place of clarity, and focus. I wanted to help people strengthen and develop their inner power where they are able to show up as their authentic self and reach their level of greatness, however I was open to a different way of doing this. And with this realization and acceptance everything shifted because I had learned and accepted that it’s about the journey and not the destination to my life purpose.

From here I was finally able to fully break away from my limiting beliefs and show up as my authentic self, through a means that felt most natural to me.

Because of this I was able to focus all of my energy to guide clients to find inner peace, clarity and focus. I saw people develop and strengthen their inner power where they build the confidence necessary to show up as their authentic self. Finally, I was able to fully commit to doing the one thing that I absolutely love, and already was doing.

The results have been incredible over the past few years. My past and current clients have shifted significantly, seeing results within 7 days of working together where they break limiting beliefs, conditioning and blocks that kept them stuck for decades. With the proper guidance they have created results and manifested things in their life they believed were never possible.

I have never been happier and more fulfilled to do the current work I am doing. Serving the universe in the way I do now is the most fulfilling thing that I have ever done.

I currently use meditation as a tool, however a lot more work needs to be done around self-love, forgiveness, judgment, inquiry, letting go and healing, in order to break away from old thoughts and behavior patterns that are keeping you stuck and blocked.

The little girl’s dream at the age of 6 is finally coming to fruition and I have never been so vibrant and has never shined so bright. I’m grateful for my dedication and my courage that I was able to keep on believing even in my toughest moments that a different life exists. And that it doesn’t have to be filled with struggle and misery.

I’m also grateful for my family and friends, my past and current mentors who have helped me become the woman I’m today and have supported me along my journey. In addition, I’m grateful for all of the hardships, setbacks, roadblocks along the way. Some of them include having to leave a war torn country at the age of 8 years old and being separated from the people I loved most to not being able to open a meditation studio, and everything in between. It’s the accumulation of my experiences that I have been able to transition into the woman I’m today.

As you are reading this you might be wondering, how can I figure out what my purpose is?

What can I do next to move towards a path of self-discovery and combine my passions with my work? In this very moment, I encourage you to block 30 minutes into your calendar, and to write and answer the following 3 questions:

  1. What do I want?
  2. What do I really want?
  3. What do I really really want?

By the time you come around to answering the third question, you will be able to tap into what it is that you really want. This info could be used as a guide to getting you started towards becoming more aware of what your purpose is and starting on your journey.

Would love to hear what came up for you. Share below to inspire myself and others.