Self-confidence is about knowing you are enough as you are, you are worthy as you are and that you are capable of facing anything that comes your way. It’s also an attitude you hold about yourself, which allows you to move forward and achieve your goals, dreams and desires.

A person with self-confidence has a general sense of control of her/his own life and can do what he/she wishes, plans and expects. Since it’s vital to develop your self-confidence I have come up with 50 ways you can do that:

1. Train your mind to think positive thoughts
2. Don’t dwell on any negative thoughts, observe them and non-judgmentally let them go
3. Exercise on a regular basis
4. Acknowledge your accomplishments
5. When you fail, see failure as a teacher versus defeat
6. Focus on your strengths
7. Walk away from toxic people
8. Meditate
9. Speak up
10. Develop an image that resonates with you
11. Don’t people pleasing
12. Give back to others
13. Develop strong interpersonal relationships with others
14. Stand tall
15. Visualize how you want your life to be
16. Practice gratitude
17. Smile
18. Speak clearly and with brevity
19. Look at people in their eyes
20. Have fun, be adventurous and play
21. Set boundaries
22. Don’t judge yourself and others
23. Always show up prepared
24. Believe in yourself
25. Set small goals and achieve them
26. Empower yourself with knowledge
27. Get organized
28. Set clear intentions each day
29. Trust yourself
30. Love yourself
31. Be generous
32. Mentor someone
33. Go after your dreams
34. Learn how to manage your emotions
35. Do things on a daily basis that are outside of your comfort zone
36. Write your goals on a daily basis
37. Celebrate your successes
38. Create positive affirmations you repeat instantaneously in case you need a pick me up
39. Spend time alone
40. Surround yourself with people who you look up to
41. Have powerful conversations with others
42. Take time to tap into your creativity
43. Be yourself
44. Believe in yourself
45. Remove the word problem in your life and replace it with challenge or opportunity
46. Don’t beat yourself up
47. Look into your eyes in the mirror and acknowledge your existence and greatness
48. Travel
49. Think of different ways you have showed up confident in the past
50. Know that you are enough

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